Land Matrix Focal Points for Asia and Central Asia

Since its frst public launch in 2012, the Land Matrix has undergone significant changes in its design, functionalities, scope and conceptual basis. In view of enhancing the quality and coverage of its database, and to increase its impact on policy-dialogue and decision making, the Land Matrix is presently involved in a process of decentralisation and expansion of its networks with new regional focal points.

As a result of a call for interest launched in February 2014, four organisations were selected and have committed themselves to collaborate with the Land Matrix in data collection, research, networking and communication. AFA and JASIL will be responsible respectively for Asia and Central Asia, FUNDAPAZ for Latin America and Eco Ruralis for Eastern Europe. The Africa Focal Point will still be hosted by the University of Pretoria. University of Pretoria will also host a Project Support Unit that Land Matrix partners plan to set up by the end of 2014 as a step towards further decentralisation.

The Land Matrix experience in the last two years has shown that such decentralisation is essential in order toincrease the ownership, relevance and impact of the initiative. At the same time, this move will give regional focal points and their networks access to a rich dataset, and strengthen their analytical and data-based advocacy capacities.

ILC provides catalytic funds for one year, during which Regional Focal Points will have to work on securing longer term fnancial sustainability of their position. Collaboration with the ILC regional networks will be essential in order to expand the basis of information providers and users, and to build important synergies with existing ILC members’ activities. The Land Matrix Focal Points will take part in the ILC Regional Assemblies in October and further explore with ILC members opportunities for engagement and benefit.

Land Matrix Asia Focal Point

The LM Asia Focal Point will be hosted by the Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA), an alliance of national farmers’ organizations, currently with 17 member organizations in 13 countries in Southeast, East, South and Central Asia, with a combined membership of around 12 million small scale women and men farmers, fshers and indigenous peoples. The LM Asia Focal Point will be Marciano T. Virola, Jr. (Jun), the Knowledge Management Offcer of AFA, who is leading the organization’s efforts at capturing and generating knowledge from farmers’ experiences on the ground and sharing them for use in advocacy and innovation.

The LM Asia Focal Point will be responsible for overall supervision of the project’s activities (data collection, communication, networking, research) and will be supported by a full-time data assistant, a remote team of country data coordinators, and other staff in AFA for specifc functions. AFA will identify country data coordinators and develop a pool of volunteers for data collection. The country data coordinators will submit data to the regional data assistant on a monthly basis. Their work will be supervised by the data assistant and reviewed by the LM-AFP.

AFA is a member of ILC Asia and will approach members during the ILC Asia General Assembly in October 2014 and also individually as opportunity arises. AFA will partner with ILC members at regional and national levels for data gathering, networking, research and communication. ILC members will be considered priority choices for data country coordinators, depending on their willingness, focus, and sustainability prospects.

“As AFA tries to intensify its initiatives on land rights at national, regional, and international levels, the Land Matrix can: (1) give us the necessary data as well as the necessary skills to get data, (2) strengthen our partnerships with other CSOs who are working on land rights issues as well, and (3) present to policy makers the extent of the problem on large scale land acquisitions as well as different policy options taken by
governments” – LM Asia Focal Point


Jun Virola (Asia Focal Point) | email: afajun@asianfarmers.org
Esther Penunia (AFA Secretaty General) |email: afaesther@asianfarmers.org

Land Matrix Central Asia Focal Point

JASIL is a Mongolian nongovernmental organization whose mission is to promote sustainable management of natural resources and land through equitable and participatory processes. JASIL has been involved in the sustainable management of common natural resources in Mongolia since 2003, and collaborative learning for the co-management of natural resources since 2007, working closely with the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Green Development, the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture, the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, and State Agency of Land Administration, Geodesy and Cartography of Mongolia.

It maintains close contacts with local stakeholders, including local government institutions and about 56 communities in four eco-regions of Mongolia.

JASIL is responsible for data collection of Central Asia (Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan at an initial stage) and coordination with local and regional governmental and nongovernmental organizations. JASIL will keep regular communication with ILC members via e-mail and Skype. After the implementation of a narrow ground based data collection, ILC members could beneft by receiving reliable and improved data on land based investments in Central Asia.

“Joining the Land Matrix Initiative will dignify and give visibility to transparency and land deals in Central Asia with the engagement of national and regional land research centers. Acknowledging regional and local organizations on the Land Matrix website will allow them to have a voice on land rights including the pros and cons of large scale land (pastoral, agricultural and mining) investments in Central Asia” – LM Central Asia Focal


Mrs.Bolormaa Tsooj (Central Asia Focal Point) | email: bolortsi@gmail.com
Dr.Hijaba Ykhabai (Director of JASIL) | email: ykhanbai@hotmail.com


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