The Land Matrix Initiative in Asia

Large Scale Land Acquisitions

Large scale land acquisitions are a continuing phenomenon that brings with it a lot of threats, despite claims of potential benefits. In many cases, they lead to land grabbing and displacement of local communities and loss of livelihoods. The debate is ongoing and more studies are needed in order to come up with intelligent decisions over land. Crucial to this process is the availability of open and transparent data on where, when, how and why these land deals are made and who are involved.

The Land Matrix Initiative

The Land Matrix is an initiative to make data on land deals more open and transparent. It was started in 2010 and has undergone various revisions and improvements. It is coordinated by five partners (ILC, CIRAD-Uni Pretoria, CDE-Uni Bern, GIGA, GIZ) and implemented through a network of in-country partners and regional data coordinators.  It is now in the process of decentralization to improve data and make it more relevant. Starting 2014, AFA and JASIL joined the Land Matrix as regional partners for Asia and Central Asia respectively. They will be in charge of data gathering, networking, research and communication.

Relevance and Usefulness

Whether you are a farmers’ organization, NGO, government, investor, researcher, or a concerned individual, the Land Matrix can give you access to data on land deals that can be used for research, advocacy, policy making and other purposes. To date, the Land Matrix has been used and quoted in different researches, publications, policy papers, campaigns and advocacies all over the world. It is time to make it more relevant and useful by bringing it closer to stakeholders in Asia. That means you or your organization.

How to get involved

The effectiveness of the Land Matrix depends on how people from the ground use and contribute to it.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Contact Information

Regional data coordination units have been set up in Asia and Central Asia. Country data coordinators are being identified to decentralize data collection even more. In the meantime, the following are the contact persons:

  • For Asia: Jun Virola, Land Matrix Asia Focal Point (E-mail:, Skype ID: junvirola)
  • For Central Asia: Bolorma Tsooj, Land Matrix Central Asia Focal Point (E-mail:, Skype ID: bolortsi)

To be updated on the work of the Land Matrix regional partners in Asia:

To access the Land Matrix global observatory, go to:


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